Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Francisco Vacation - Day 1

We decided to take a mini vacation this year to San Francisco and visit our friends Charlie and Janet. We arrived Wednesday morning and they picked us up at the Oakland Airport. Then we headed up to the Oakland California Temple for a view of the city and the city across the bay.

The views were gorgeous from up there and so were the flowers on the temple grounds.

From there we started to drive across the Bay Bridge and then we exited about midway onto an island called Treasure Island for some views.

Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island

Second half of the Bay Bridge and the City of San Francisco

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Bay Bridge.

We continued into San Francisco on the Bay Bridge and saw some parts of the city before stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge look out and gift shop.

Views of the city from the bridge look out.

The actual size of the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge!

After driving over the Golden Gate bridge we arrived at Muir Woods, a National Monument filled with redwood trees.

If you look closely at this picture you'll see some people standing off to the right of the tree. That's how big these trees are!

Some of the trees in the park were burned, but in time the tree trunk just grew around the burned portion and kept growing.
In this picture you can see a little of the burned portion now almost encased inside of the new portion.

Our friends Charlie and Janet live in Vacaville, CA, which is about an hour from San Francisco so after visiting Muir Woods we headed back to their house. Once we got there we were taking a look around and found this lemon tree in their back yard. I knew lemons grew on trees, but I had never actually seen it. They said this tree was loaded with them in January and February, but only 1 lemon remained now. I didn't care though because I was so happy there was still one left for me to see. :)


  1. Those cabels are HUGE! I had no idea. It makes sense, once I think about it, but wow, those are HUGE.
    I had a friend who had a lemon tree, and she lives in Roosevelt. We lost contact, so I don't know if she still has it or not, but I bet she does, she has an incredible green thumb. When I last saw it, it had produced about 3 lemons and she still had it in a pot in her house.

  2. I'm WAY jealous! Gerald's brother lives there and so Gerald has been there before to see him (and for a work convention). Anyways, he loved it there! He says you definitly need to go to Alcatraz. He thought it was awesome. Have lots of fun!