Monday, April 18, 2011

Dyed Easter Eggs

Saturday night we got together with Brandon & Kim and Josh & Savannah to dye Easter eggs. I made dinner for everyone and then we started on our eggs. I think we had about 6 different Easter egg dying kits between the 3 couples and it was fun to try each one out. Josh and Savannah had a neon kit that dyed the eggs really deep colors so the eggs turned out really vibrant. Andrew and I had a tie dye kit, but I was not impressed. We only got 1 good egg. Oh well... ;)

Brandon and Kim had a 24K egg kit that was fun. We made a blue and purple egg from that kit.

After Easter egg dying, we ended up playing the Wii of course! Andrew talked me into giving him his Easter present early...Guitar Hero Metallica. Like always with these guys, we had so much fun. :)

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