Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter!

Since we flew home from San Francisco on Easter, it was later in the evening before we exchanged Easter baskets. We enjoy this tradition though so before we left on our trip we had gotten a few things to give to each other. I got Andrew a BYU Football Vault book and Guitar Hero Metallica for the Wii. Andrew gave me an iTunes gift card and the new Richard Paul Evans book Miles to Go and since we had pre-ordered the book before it came out, a personalized autographed bookplate was also sent to me to put inside. Along with our favorite Easter candy, we had a good Easter. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

San Francisco Vacation - Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3

Friday morning we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA that was only about 15 minutes from Charlie and Janet's house. We had to wait in a long line for our turn to go on the factory tour, but I enjoyed seeing everything going on around us. The thing I enjoyed the best while we waited was looking at the pictures and things they made using jelly beans.

The tour was really interesting and fun to see the process in action though no cameras where allowed. They gave us samples along the way corresponding to what we were learning about and at the end they gave us a bag of Jelly Belly's in assorted flavors. I had fun trying all the different flavors because I hadn't tried very many up until this point.

After the tour we spent some time in the gift shop buying Belly Flops, which are the irregular jelly beans that didn't meet up to the Jelly Belly standards, for all our friends.

Then we headed back into San Francisco for more sights. We parked at Ghirardelli Square and walked over to take a ride on the Cable Cars.

Riding the Cable Car we saw so many things including parts of China Town and the top of The Crookedest Street in the World that you can see in the first picture below.

The Cable Car turn-a-round, which is done using only man power!

While we were riding the Cable Car back to Ghirardelli Square, a car ran a red light in the intersection we were just coming to causing the Cable Car to slam on its brake to stop. When the Cable Car tried to go through the intersection again, it was stuck so we all had to get off while a semi truck got behind it and pushed it through the intersection. Then we were all able to get back on. :D

The Cable Car stuck on the other side of the intersection.

Back at Ghirardelli Square we couldn't resist going in and having ice cream in Ghirardelli chocolate-dipped waffle bowls.

After leaving Ghirardelli Square we drove over to Lombard Street so we could actually drive down The Crookedest Street in the World. The speed limit is only 5 mph and the crooked portion of Lombard Street is only 1/4 mile long, but it was fun to drive down it and now it's fun to say we've actually driven down The Crookedest Street in the World!

From there we drove over to Coit Tower. If you want to read more about Coit Tower you can click here.

It was night by then and so we took in the night views of the city before going up in the elevator to see the night views of the city from the top of Coit Tower.

Bay Bridge

San Francisco has pay toilets all around the city so I took a picture of Andrew next to one there. ;)

The last 2 days of our trip were pretty relaxing. I don't have any more pictures so I thought I would just include them in this post.

Day 4

Saturday we stayed in Vacaville and shopped at their many outlet stores. I found a great deal on my favorite Le Creuset cookware at the Le Creuset outlet store! I wish we had one of those in Park City. ;) We barbecued steaks and chicken for dinner and just enjoyed the great weather.

Day 5

Sunday it was time for us to fly home so Charlie and Janet took us back to the Oakland Airport. They were already asking us what we wanted to see the next time we visited. There are still so many things! I think they had fun right along with us (at least I hope they did!) because Charlie hadn't done most of the things we did together and Janet hadn't been in many years. :) Thank so guys so much. We love you both!

San Francisco Vacation - Day 2

We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day Thursday and it was exactly what we needed for our day on Alcatraz Island! We arrived at our scheduled tour time and took a ferry out to the island since the island is about 1-1/4 miles from San Francisco. Once arriving on the island we disembarked for a short narrative about the island before we were free to roam.

Guard Tower

Views of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island.

Views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco.

San Francisco

View of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our first stop was a building that was used when the island was occupied by the military before the prison was there. We watched a short film there about the history of the island before continuing up to the prison for a self-guided walking tour. Before we received our headphones for the walking tour we were able to see the shower room where all the inmates showered. They were only allowed to shower once or twice a week.

After receiving our headphones we continued on to see the cells where the inmates were housed.

Andrew standing in "The Hole".

One of the cells that was escaped from.
You can see the grate down on the ground and the enlarged hole in the wall they slid through leaving the dummy head in their bed.

Through here you could see the pipes they climbed up to get to the roof of the building for their escape.

After leaving the The Rock and heading back to San Francisco, we wandered through the shops on Pier 39 and stopped to see the sea lions that live there year round. They were pretty funny actually. Every so often one would decide he wanted to sleep on the other end of the platform he was on so instead of swimming to the other side and getting back up he would crawl over the top of all the sea lions on the platform and they would all moan and groan. :P

Views of Alcatraz Island from Pier 39.

After leaving Pier 39 we walked across the street to have dinner at Rainforest Cafe. We love the good food and atmosphere in this restaurant from our experience in San Antonio so now whenever there is a Rainforest Cafe where we're at on vacation we make it a point to go there for dinner.

Janet waiting for our table. :)

Andrew waiting at the bar. ;)

Random pineapple picture from the gift shop. ;)

After dinner we continued on down to Fisherman's Wharf. Along the way was the wax museum where Andrew posed for a picture with Obama. :P

An absolutely fantastic and my favorite day in San Francisco!