Friday, February 11, 2011

March Tuck Swap

Last night was tuck swap again! Our theme for March was St. Patrick's Day. The one I made is above and the one I came home with is below. I got Sarah's tuck this month and it's so cute with its gathered material clover and "lucky" stitching on both ends. I love it!

A few months ago Lewaina, a gal in our group, issued a Primitive Doll Challenge. We were to make a doll using only spent clothing and trims and then bring our doll to this month's swap to show her off and tell how we made her. I made my doll the week after Christmas when my grandma was here visiting from Tacoma, WA. My grandma brought me some different fabrics to use and we used a few things my mom had as well to make my doll, but the best part was working on her with my grandma. I don't think I've done a sewing project with my grandma since I was pretty young and I had so much fun talking and spending quality time with her. I only get to see my grandma about once a year and I love her so much.

Since the Primitive Doll Challenge was issued during tuck swap, I decided my doll should have her own tuck so I made her a mini pineapple tuck with its own rusted bell and safety pin.

I had such fun last night seeing all the other dolls made by the ladies in my group. These women are all so talented!

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