Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilt Square Scarves

From top to bottom: Kim's, Savannah's and mine.

My SIL Kim has the cutest scarf that her mom made for her and I just loved it so Kim said she would teach me how to make one for myself. Savannah decided to join us as well and last night we had a scarf making class from Kim.

I chose my favorite Mary Engelbreit fabric with a coordinating damask-like print for my scarf.

First I started by cutting 22 (11 of each fabric) 5-inch quilt blocks.

Next I sewed the blocks right-sides together to form 2 strips of 11.

Then I placed the 2 strips together and pinned in the trim on the ends.

Then I sewed the scarf together.

Here's the scarf all sewn.

Next I clipped the edges all around the scarf.

When I got home I finished the last step, which was washing and drying the scarf so the edges frayed a little.

It was a really fun project and now that I've done one, I'm itching to do more!

1 comment:

  1. Way Cute!
    Fun to make huh! I was "itching" to make more too! I made 14 or 15 altogether I think! LOL ( I know, I'm a little OCD) :-)