Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We always spend Christmas morning at our house so that morning we got up and went out to open our presents to each other.

Andrew spoiled me like usual! He bought me the thing I wanted most, which was a Le Creuset 5.5 qt round french oven in the color Cassis. It's so beautiful I don't even want to cook in it! ;) I will though because it's supposed to cook everything so amazingly well!

He also bought me a few things from one of my favorite stores, Williams Sonoma and he had the gifts he bought wrapped in their signature Williams Sonoma Home pineapple wrapping. I loved it!

Here's the final picture of how spoiled I really was this year. :)

I got Andrew mainly all electronic stuff (surprise, surprise!). His main gift was a new video card for his computer. I also bought him Jazz tickets that is quickly turning into a Christmas tradition for him.

In the afternoon we went up to my parent's house for more present unwrapping.

My mom got all the girls in our family aprons and they all turned out so cute and personalized for us. Unfortunately my sister Heidi couldn't be there on Christmas day so she's not in the picture and we missed her!

Merry Christmas!

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