Friday, November 5, 2010

November Book Club

Last night we got together again for book club. Randi chose this month's book, "Baptists at Our Barbecue" by Robert Farrell Smith.

"At age 29, Tartan Jones has seen little of the world outside of Utah – and nothing by way of an eternal mate. Frustrated, and still single, Tartan makes a desperate bid to change his life and luck by accepting the first transfer that comes along at work. Fate lands him in a small town affectionately nicknamed Longwinded located deep in the mountains, somewhere in the American Southwest. Longwinded is home not only to some colorful personalities but also an equal number of Mormons and Baptists. Tartan’s arrival breaks the tie and intensifies a feud that has existed for years between zealots on both sides of the argument. Suspicions really fly when someone hauls off half the double-wide trailer that has served as the Mormon’s chapel. To make things worse, likely marriage prospects remain in short supply. Baptists at Our Barbecue is a story for people of all ages, a reminder that life is a barbecue to which God has invited all of us. Whom we sit by or pass the salt to is up to us. Bon app├ętit!"

Since this book has been made into a movie we decided to watch it as part of book club last night. When we arrived at Randi's house last night though she had also made dinner for us...homemade potato soup with homemade rolls and honeybutter. YUM!

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  1. Last night was so much fun! And thanks for posting, I've been sitting here thinking about how hungry I am and your post helped me remember she sent home leftovers!