Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party

Last Friday Andrew and I went to a Halloween party hosted by Brandon and Kim. I was excited because this is the first time we've dressed up and went to a Halloween party since we got married! I went as a Black Cat complete with long eyelashes and a tail and Andrew went as Sherlock Holmes. The party was really fun because a lot of our friends were there. We played Halloween Jeopardy and a few other games, but mostly we just talked and ate Halloween goodies. It was a fun night.


  1. Andrew's face makes me laugh. I got home from the party and then was mad that I didn't at least make Josh pull his gun out for our picture. It was fun. I love hanging out with you guys!

  2. This is making me crack up.. I've never seen you two act so goofy! AND I LOVE IT!! sounds like a fun evening.