Thursday, October 14, 2010

Denver Trip

The weekend of September 25, Andrew and I took a road trip to Denver, CO. It was the first time either of us had driven to Denver (the last time we went we flew) so we had fun seeing the sights along the way.

We weren't able to leave until Saturday afternoon so we stayed the first night in Steamboat Springs, CO. Sunday morning we got up early and were in Denver by 11 am. We met up with my parents and my brother and his family, who were already there, and had lunch and then all the guys left to go to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium to watch the Broncos/Colts game. My brother is a big Colts fan and Andrew is becoming a bigger Colts fan all the time because of their wide receiver Austin Collie. He's doing really well for them and he used to play for BYU...and we all know about Andrew and his love for BYU football, right? ;)

Andrew in his new Austin Collie Colts jersey getting ready to leave for the game.

Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium

After the game we all met up and went to Casa Bonita, which is a great Mexican restaurant in Denver with cliff diving and the whole bit.

Outside of Black Bart's Cave!

Monday morning we scheduled a tour of the United States Mint in Denver. Andrew and I took a tour four years ago when we were there, but it was on a Saturday and so they weren't minting anything. This time they were minting pennies and we could even see a cart of dimes in the background. Pretty cool! You aren't allowed to take any cameras into the Mint (you even have to take the battery out of your cell phone) and since we had to park a couple of blocks away, we don't have any pics of us at the Mint. Oh well. After the Mint, we started the long drive home, but Denver was a fun 3-day weekend vaca!

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  1. Andrew looks so happy to be at the game. :) The mint sounds fun and so does the restuarnt, I would love to go to a cliff diving one someday.