Friday, October 8, 2010

October Book Club

A couple of weeks ago at cake class our teacher Randi, Kim, Savannah and I got talking about doing a book club. We all enjoy reading and so we all agreed it would be fun to invite some other ladies and get together once a month to discuss a particular book that we had all read. Kim chose the first book, "Jayhawk" by Dorothy M. Keddington.

"To Angela Stewart, a summer on a Wyoming ranch with her college roommate's family seemed like an ideal vacation. For Jay Bradford, his return to the Triple J Ranch involves a potentially dangerous quest and the search for an answer to a 26-year old mystery. Jay and Angela's chance meeting on a lonely road at dusk, marks the beginning of their unforgettable journey into danger and love."

Dorothy Keddington is one of Kim's favorite authors, in fact, she has even met her. The book was written back in the late 70's and Kim says anymore you can only find copies of it at thrift stores. Kim and her mom had several copies of the book though so she lent a copy to each of us to read. I was hooked by the second paragraph and finished the book in about 2 days! I am now reading another book by this author. Last night we all got together to talk about the book, laugh and eat some fun Fall treats including cider and mini pumpkin pies. Until next month!

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