Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flowers and Borders Class Week 4 - Final Week

Last night was the final night of my Flowers and Borders class. For our final project we had to bring a cake that included a border and some of the flowers we learned in the class. Around the bottom of my cake I did a bead border and around the top I did a rope border. I arranged some flowers in the center including a rose, half rose, rosebuds, daisy and pansies. This class was actually pretty challenging for me compared to the beginning cake class I took a few months ago, but I enjoyed spending time with Kim and Savannah every week and trying something new. At the end of October I'm taking another cake class on fondant so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bluebell Corn Maze

Last Friday night we decided to go to the local corn maze with Brandon and Kim. It was opening night and it wasn't crowded at all so we had the maze pretty much to ourselves. We bought hot chocolate and glow sticks and headed in. The first side we made it through in about 30 minutes. The second side was a little longer, but thanks to Andrew and Kim, we made it through in about 45 minutes.

On the bridge in the middle of the maze admiring the moon and the corn. ;)

Andrew was having a hard time keeping his eyes open because of the bright flash in the dark night!

We made it through and had a great time!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mini Pumpkins

This year is the second year that I've grown a mini pumpkin plant because I like using them for decorations in my house. Last year I only got 3 mini pumpkins, but this year I got 5. :) For the past few weeks now I've been taking pictures of 2 of the pumpkins so I could see how fast they grew and how the plant was changing.

Next Set.

Third Set.

In my opinion they weren't quite ready to be picked yet, but one night a cow wandered through our backyard and "picked" the 2 pumpkins I was photographing. At least it didn't eat them or step on them, right? Oh the joys of living in the country... ;)

Flowers and Borders Class Week 3

This week we learned a mix of flowers and borders. We started out learning how to make a bead border.

Next we learned how to do a basketweave.

Then to finish the top and bottom of the basketweave we learned a rope border.

The flowers we learned this week were pansies (which I really liked because I was actually pretty good at them) and daisies.

On the daisies we used a little bit of yellow-colored sugar in the center just for that added sparkle!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flowers and Borders Class Week 2

This week we learned how to make roses using a flower nail. I had a really hard time with these, but at the very end, I think I finally got it and ended up with 2 roses that turned out pretty well...even if I do say so myself. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Blocks

I just finished putting together these Welcome Blocks from The Idea Closet. I love the colors that were used and can't wait to display them in my house. Thanks for another great kit, Tracy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flowers and Borders Class Week 1

This past Thursday I started a new cake class for the next 4 weeks with Savannah and Kim. This class is entitled Flowers and Borders and that's exactly what we'll be learning! We started out with royal icing and practiced making flowers. First...Sweet Peas.

The Sweet Pea that's the best is bottom middle.

Second...Rose Buds.

The Rose Bud that's the best is bottom middle also.

Third...Half Roses.

Next we switched to buttercream and practiced making borders. We learned Rosettes and Reverse Shell. My Rosettes definitely need some work, but I do like doing the Reverse Shell. :)

This Thursday we are learning how to make roses on a flower nail. Wish me luck!

Labor Day Weekend 2010

For the past 3 years now, our Labor Day weekends have included a visit to Swiss Days in Midway, UT and so Saturday morning we found ourselves there. I love Swiss Days! There are so many booths filled with crafts and I could spend a small fortune there. ;) This year I bought just a few items that I absolutely love.

The Turkey Pumpkin Kit includes a turkey head, 2 feet and 5 feathers to make your pumpkin look like a turkey!
I have been collecting Seasonal Outlet Covers at The Quilted Bear, but I was able to complete my seasonal collection at Swiss Days. :)

This cute thing is made using a baby food jar. I love it!

Andrew usually has BYU football season tickets and this year was no exception so after visiting Swiss Days, we headed down to Provo for the game. Andrew and his dad went to the game, while my sister Leisa and I went shopping. Afterward we had dinner and then headed back up to Park City to spend the night at The Canyons. We got a great deal on a room there since it's the off season right now. There are several hotels at The Canyons. Our was called Silverado Lodge and it was very nice. :)

I love the waterfall in the background to the right of the hotel in this picture.

Notice the summer gondolas in this picture. They had the enclosed winter gondolas out getting ready to exchange them with the summer ones.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed up to Strawberry Reservoir where my family was camping and spent the day with them. We talked and laughed and cooked a yummy dinner with dessert. We came home late Sunday night as Andrew had to work on Labor Day, but we had a great weekend!