Monday, August 9, 2010

My Birthday!

Last Saturday, August 7, was my birthday and I turned the big 3-0! That morning Andrew took me out for breakfast and then I opened a few presents from him. I got New Moon on DVD, a Le Creuset Mortar and Pestle and a Coach Wristlet. Exactly what I wanted. :)

Every year my birthday almost always falls on a celebration we have out here in the Uintah Basin called UBIC or Uintah Basin In Celebration. Since my FIL does a dutch oven food booth at UBIC every year, I almost always end up working on my birthday as well, but everyone always tries to make it special for me even though we're all there working hard. :) I also share my birthday with my BIL Brandon and so that night, before we opened for business, everyone paused to sing Happy Birthday to us and give me some flowers (in my favorite color purple) and Brandon a cake.

My SIL Kim gave me some balloons and made me these cute pineapple ornies and a pineapple fabric stitchery. She knows how much I love pineapple anything and I loved that she took the time to make all this for me.

The rest of my friends and family made me feel very loved as well with birthday messages, cards and phone calls.

A funny thing that happened on my birthday as well was my MIL had entered me in a drawing at UBIC a couple days before, but on my birthday I found out I had won! I won a $25.00 gift certificate to a booth there at UBIC called Wonderland Purses. I was able to go over that night and pick out a cute new bag. I had a little money leftover from the gift certificate after buying my bag so I also picked out a fan that folds up to go in your bag.


  1. What a fun birthday you had! The stuff Kim made is adorable!

  2. I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday!! love ya

  3. Happy "late" birthday! Is your next tuck done? I have o ask everone, cuz mine is NEVER done till the last minute! LOL
    Did you know that he basket you got on our last swap give away is a longeraburger or however you spell it? Look on the bottom, it's numbered and dated I think....
    Enjoy your day