Monday, July 26, 2010

Carribean Cruise Vacation Day 4 - Grand Cayman

When we woke up this morning we were in Grand Cayman! In Grand Cayman the water isn't deep enough for the cruise ship to dock so we had to dock out in the ocean and take a smaller boat called a tender to the island. As you can see we didn't have to dock too far out though.

Andrew and I on the tender.

On cruises, as soon as you get off the ship, they take your picture so I decided I would buy a picture from each island we visited. I like them because the name of the island as well as the date you visited is printed on each picture and I like our Grand Cayman picture especially because our cruise ship is actually in the background.

On Grand Cayman, we had a tour of the island planned with the whole family. First they took us to Seven Mile Beach.

Then we went to Cayman Turtle Farm where first we saw great big turtles swimming and in the sand.

Then we went over to some smaller pools where you can pick the turtles right up out of the water and hold them. Can I just say Andrew loved this!

Andrew liked to release them on their back and then they would splash him when they turned over.

A photographer from the turtle farm came over and took our picture, which of course I had to buy! My family made fun of me the whole trip about buying any pictures I saw of Andrew and I. Believe me when I say I could have bought a whole lot more! ;)

Andrew and my BIL Dale.

Here's my sister Leisa acting like I was feeling about not wanting to touch the turtles...but then she did!

Then we ran into a pirate at the Tortuga Rum Company store!

Next we went to Hell and back! The town of Hell specifically. It got its name because right in the middle of this sandy, beautiful island is a bunch of lava rock formations and someone thought this might be what Hell would look like.

Mailing postcards postmarked from Hell!

Andrew climbing a palm tree, though it looks like he's just sitting on the fence!

After the tour was over we had some time for shopping and exploring.

Andrew posing next to Nirvana memorabilia at Hard Rock Grand Cayman.

Overall a hot and humid, but fun day in Grand Cayman. :)

Us in the Washington Dining Room that night.

Our towel animal tonight was an elephant!

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  1. I am so jealous you got to hold turtles! I love turtles. We used to have one and I would like to get another one someday. Love all the pictures!