Friday, July 23, 2010

Carribean Cruise Vacation Day 2 - Miami

(Cruise ship pictures were taken when the ship was docked in Grand Cayman.
The angle in Miami was not good!)

We woke up in Miami this morning, left our hotel and headed down to the Port of Miami to board our cruise ship Carnival Valor.

Embarkation Photo

We had an inside cabin, which we actually enjoy because the darkness that comes from not having a window makes for great naps!

(Sorry no pics of the bathroom, but the bathroom door is the one on the right.)

Since we didn't really get to celebrate our anniversary, Andrew had arranged to have chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our cabin. They were yummy!

After we set sail for our first port, Grand Cayman, we bought ourselves a Strawberry Daiquiri and it came with a big chunk of fresh pineapple!

That night after dinner I won $18.00 at the $0.02 slots after only putting in $1.00. I had fun gambling that money the whole rest of the cruise!

Later on that night I had a Swedish Massage at the spa onboard (heavenly!) while Andrew participated in a game show. From the stories I've heard he had to dance his way down to the stage!

Playing the game.

Winning a medal and proud of it! ;)

Then the whole family went to watch my BIL Dale and Andrew do karaoke. Andrew sang Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard!

Picking out a song to sing.

Every night when you get back to your cabin for bed, your cabin steward has turned down your sheets and left you a mint on your pillow. He also leaves you a towel animal that's different every night. Tonight's animal was either a seal or a walrus? :)

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  1. Looking at your pictures makes me want to go so bad! I'll keep working on convincing myself before I try to convince Josh. ;)