Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jackson Hole/West Yellowstone Trip

A couple months ago Andrew's brother and SIL, Brandon and Kim, invited us and Andrew's parents to take a 3 day weekend trip to Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone. We made all the arrangements and last Thursday night we headed to SLC on the first leg of the trip. Friday morning we rented a Suburban so we could all ride together and headed to Jackson Hole. We did make several stops along the way though including the Gossner cheese factory in Logan for squeaky cheese!

We also stopped for pictures at all the state signs. :)

It was raining at this sign so we didn't get out for pictures!

When we arrived in Jackson Hole, we checked into the cabin we'd reserved for the night.

Then we headed just outside of Jackson to the Bar J Ranch. We were here to see the Bar J Wranglers in person and have their awesome Chuckwagon dinner.

Saturday morning we had some time to explore Jackson Hole and buy some souvenirs.

Then we headed into Yellowstone National Park.

We stopped to see Old Faithful erupt.

Then we drove around the park a little more and saw some buffalo really close up!

We then crossed over into Montana and ended up in West Yellowstone.

Again it was raining so we didn't get out of the car for a picture with the sign. :P

It had been raining off and on during our trip and luckily it hadn't spoiled any of our plans, but we did see a great rainbow!

We took old time photos in West Yellowstone.

Andrew made up his own pose that the photographer loved so she posed me around him. He's such a comedian!

Then saw The Foreigner at The Playmill Theatre.

After the play was over we drove to Rexburg, ID to spend the night.

Andrew loves to play the lottery so when we were in Idaho he made sure to buy some scratch cards. He ended up winning the amount of the check below. At least it probably paid for the amount he spent!

Sunday morning we got up and had the long drive home, but it was a great trip and it was fun spending some time together. :)


  1. that is so fun someday I will do all that:)

  2. I'm so glad you told me you added the old time pictures. They are so fun! I just love the one of you and Andrew, he really got into it!