Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cake Decorating Class Week 2

For this week's cake decorating class we learned how to do a zigzag border and a curved line border along with learning how to make stars and I tried a few shells again too.

Then our big project this week was a bear cake. First we evened out the bottom of the cake and used buttercream to stick it to our cake board.

I chose to make a brown bear so I used white buttercream to make his ears, eyes, nose and feet. Then I colored my buttercream brown and used the star tip to add "fur". Since I didn't think the bear was girly enough I added a purple mouth and eyes and a bow on her head.

Here are all the bears that were made tonight. Most are much better than mine. Oh well!

We also did a group picture with our cakes that I really like!

Next week we have to bring our own royal icing and we're going to learn how to make flowers!

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  1. I loved your bear cake! I wish I had kept mine simply like you did.