Monday, April 26, 2010


Recently we've been upgrading around our house.

New flat screen TV and entertainment center .

The entertainment center has a hutch that just hasn't come in yet,
but I'm excited for it because then all my cute decorations can go back out!

New leather sectional.
The old couch and loveseat were only 3 years old,
but just weren't holding up so we sold them in the Nickel Ads and put the money toward this beauty!

New curio cabinet. Love this for all those vacation knick-knacks!

A fun chair for our bedroom.
I've always wanted a chair for our bedroom and this one matches perfectly! :)

We also got a smaller flatscreen TV for our bedroom.

I guess you could say I'm spoiled having a husband who works at a furniture store! ;)


  1. Fun Stuffs!
    I am having anxt. over my "summer Tuck".....
    what to make what to make......LOL
    Love the new upgrades!

  2. we don't have any pictures of kids to show so we show pictures of our furniture.

  3. I love all the new furniture- it's awesome and looks great! can't wait to come home and see it!