Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Ornies

Last Thursday night was once again ornie swap night! Our theme for May was Spring.

Unfortunately this was our very last ornie swap. Can you believe it's been a year since we started this swap group? Since we all had such a great time over the last year though, we decided to continue the group and start trading tucks. Tucks are just basically a small square pillow and actually there are a few tucks in the picture above like the lady bug and the one that says "green grass". This is how our tuck swap is going to work...we'll be following our same themes every month, but just making one (instead of one for each person in the group) that's about the size of a DVD case and then we'll trade our tuck with someone else in the group. So we'll be coming home with one tuck from someone else in the group that will add to our decor for each month. I'm excited and can't wait to get started for June's theme, which is Summer!

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