Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Mexico Trip Day 2

Saturday we slept late and then got up and walked to the stadium from our hotel. It's fun to be on the road with your team and cheer loud, which is just what we did. BYU won the game 24 to 19!

After a win on the road, the BYU players come over to the fan section and say thanks to the fans for coming by giving them high 5's. This is Andrew's favorite part. :)

The Wienermobile just happened to be staying at our hotel during our stay in Albuquerque so we were able to get a few good shots of it! This is actually the second time we've seen the Wienermobile. We saw it last December during our trip to Las Vegas to see BYU play in the Las Vegas Bowl. Be sure to notice the license plate on the Wienermobile, it's pretty funny!

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  1. Looks like fun. That wiener-mobile is something else. Glad I don't have to drive it!