Sunday, October 4, 2009

BYU Football And Gardner Village

Andrew has BYU Football season tickets this year (like most years) and this last Friday night I was able to go with him to the game. BYU was playing USU and won 35 to 17. Go Cougars! Afterward we drove to SLC to spend the night. We had reservations at the Hilton out by the airport. When we were checking in I asked if we could have a room with a king-size bed, the lady said she didn't know if they had any left, but she checked and said she found one. We headed up to our room on the 5th floor and when we got inside we realized we were in a suite. You can't tell very well from the pictures, but the room was HUGE!

I'm standing in the bathroom taking the picture.
Straight ahead is a bar area with a sink that looks out into the suite.
To the right is the door to the room.

The room also had 2 adjoining rooms.

The next day we made a stop at the DI in West Valley. Here are a few of the things I found there.

The rusted tin bucket I got for $1.00 and while at Garner Village later in the day, I found the same bucket for $7.95. I love it when that happens!

Andrew and I, for the last 5 years or so, have a tradition of going to Gardner Village one Saturday in October to see the witches and this year was no exception! We always buy a caramel apple from their candy store every year as well. They are so delicious! Here are some fun pictures of the day.

Andrew's "toilet humor" again! :P

Click on this picture to see it up close. They have some funny spoofs on airline names!

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  1. I love Gardner Village in Oct! We went last year for a girls day out, and had a good time. We all fell in love with the witch hats that were for sale that we came home and made our own. Maybe you have seen Kims. I want to go back this year and dress as a witch! (ya I know, but dressing up is my thing):-)
    Hey, I got a cat! We got him from someone that is moving to Korea and can't take the cat.So he's a year and a half , orange tabby and HUGE. But he's a scardy cat and so far (only two days) he won't come out of the bathroom on his own.