Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our New Cat Simon

Recently we acquired a new outside cat. We named the cat Simon, but (like Emillio) Simon is a girl! :P

Simon had to eat inside tonight though because a wild cat was trying to steal her food.

Unfortunately a few weeks after this post, Simon died. We don't know how she died, but we sure enjoyed the time we had her with us!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last night my mom and I canned applesauce. This is the first time I've ever done this (except maybe when I watched my mom can applesauce when I was a little girl!). We had a good time chatting and saucing. It turned out really well and looks good enough to eat!

Monday, October 26, 2009

BYU Football And A DIY Project

Here's a pic of my front door all decked out for Fall!

As this last week was ornie swap, we also got a new DIY project. It was really fun because I learned a few new stitches. I got the frame at DI for $0.50 a few months ago and was able to antique it and finish off my project. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Saturday Andrew went to LaVell Edwards Stadium in the early hours of the morning. ESPN Game Day was in Provo for the BYU vs. TCU game and it was a awesome privilege for them to even come to Provo. He made a sign at the Home Depot booth there at the stadium and likes to think he sees it on tv when he plays back the recording of the show. I'm not so sure though! :P

Friday, October 23, 2009

November Ornies

Last night was once again ornie swap night! Our theme for November was Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our San Antonio Vacation Day 5

This morning we slept late, packed and headed to the airport. We had to say goodbye to San Antonio, but it's definitely a place I would love to visit again and would recommend to anyone thinking of going!

Our San Antonio Vacation Day 4

Sunday morning we decided it was time to visit Sea World San Antonio. Most people don't even know that San Antonio has a Sea World, which is one reason that I've always wanted to visit San Antonio. When we got there we headed over to see the main attraction...Shamu! The show was absolutely amazing. I will never know how the trainers portray to the animals (especially killer whales!) what they want them to do.

Here's a picture of one of the splashes you receive if you sit in the "Splash Zone"!

We also went to a dolphin show that was very Cirque du Soleil and a sea lion and walrus show.

They have Dolphin Cove where you can feed the dolphins and possibly be lucky enough to touch them. Andrew managed to touch one and said it felt like slick rubber!

They also have animal exhibits. We saw penguins, puffins, flamingos and sharks.

Sea World is definitely a fun place to visit!

Our San Antonio Vacation Day 3

Saturday morning we got in the car for about a 3.5 hour ride to Houston. It was worth it though because we went to the Houston Space Center.

Astronaut Andrew

Inside the International Space Station.

Space toilet and shower among other things!

Small scale replica of the International Space Station showing that when it's completed it will be as long as a football field.

Andrew practicing docking the space shuttle.
They had places where you could practice flying, docking and landing the space shuttle.

When a shuttle lifts off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Houston takes over. We don't have any shuttles in space right now, but we toured the mission control center for the International Space Station. The first thing you see is a flat map of the earth showing where the ISS is over the earth at any given moment. The astronauts aboard were sleeping when we were there and were due to wake up in about 30 minutes. They had a countdown to that along with a countdown to when a Russia supply ship was due to dock with the ISS. You could see the supply ship chasing the ISS and starting to catch up. Very cool! They also had a live picture of Earth from the ISS. At one point the picture went dark because the ISS was over the section of Earth opposite the sun so it was night time.

It was also a really cool experience because we got to tour actual working areas of NASA. In one of those areas they have a huge warehouse with full-scale models of the ISS and the shuttle so astronauts can train on them before going to space.

They told us we were a very lucky tour group because about 2 weeks ago the new moon rovers had been brought in!

It was very interesting, plus I seem to be very into this space exploration stuff. I don't ever want to go to space, but I love learning about it.