Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Last year, while camping with my family over Labor Day, we stumbled upon this awesome event called Swiss Days in Midway, UT, so this year we decided to spend Labor Day with Andrew's family and take them there. Friday afternoon we took off early and headed first to Park City. We found these awesome condos online so we checked in and then headed to Midway for Swiss Days. This year was even better than last year (probably because we had more time and weren't just stumbling upon it!). I found a cute candle holder, then added the candle and some rose hips when I got home. I love it! Andrew found this lawn sign and immediately put it in the lawn upon returning home. I reminded him that dogs can't read, but as we've been having a big problem with the neighbors dogs, I guess he hopes it will help!

The next morning we headed to Fort Bridger in Wyoming for the Fort Bridger Rendezvous. Andrew's brother Brandon and his wife Kim attend this event every year with her family and they invited us to come check it out this year. A lot of people come dressed in period proper clothing and try to live period proper as well for their time there. There are a lot of people selling things from that era also. I got the small bar of beeswax in the picture above there.

I have to point out that I think these wind energy generators are the neatest things.
They were so many of them as we crested a hill just on the other side of Evanston and I couldn't resist taking some pictures. They are amazing! What better way could there be than to harness the power of the wind to make electricity?

After spending a few hours at the Rendezvous, we drove back to Evanston to spend the night. (I'm sure Andrew would like to me point out that we drove back to Evanston to spend the night and watch the BYU/OU game where BYU beat Oklahoma 14 to 13! Go Cougars!)

Sunday morning we headed back to downtown Park City for lunch. It's really fun to drive down to the historic main street there, park and walk along through all the little shops and restuarants. There are lots of Olympic remains which are fun to look at and Andrew met John Wayne in one of the shops!

It was a great trip and spending it with Andrew's family made it ever better!

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  1. I would love to go to both of those events! What a fun weekend. Maybe we can go next year, we just have to remember when it is.
    Oh, and Andrew, that same John Wayne lives in Josh's grandpa's house, so we see him all the time.