Thursday, August 13, 2009

Left-Handers' Day - August 13, 2009

Celebrate your right to be left-handed!

As you may have guessed today is Left-Handers' Day. I found this fun website with some interesting information about how it is to be left-handed and since I am left-handed I thought I would share.

I am one of very few in my family who is left-handed and growing up in a right-handed world can sometimes be awkward. Here are some funny examples:

For those of you who know me really well, I love white-out, but I have to use my white-out tape upside down and from right to left in order to get it to work for me!

I always have an ink smudge down the side of my left hand from it dragging across the paper after I've written something!

In high school all the desks look like this, but they don't work for left-handed people very well.

When my mom would try to teach me any type of sewing project, she would always have to figure out how to do it left-handed so she could show me how I would do it. I love her for that!

I hope you wish all the left-handers' in your world a Happy Left-Handers' Day!


  1. My MIL was left handed, and my BIL is also left handed. I had never thought about how it would be to sit at a right handed school desk and be left handed. College would have been all right handed desk almost....bummer deal! I did think more about this kind of thing while my right hand was in a cast this summer.... :-D
    Have a great weekend. .......are your ornies doe? ( I had to ask, cuz mine are......not! ♥

  2. Thanks for sharing this site! Josh is a leftie and I've had to work hard to teach him how to do things that normally wouldn't be hard to teach! I will have to show him this site. Very cool!