Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to go on a trip with my parents, my brother Doug and his family and my sister Heidi and her family and road trip to Montana and Canada! We left Friday night at 6 pm and made it to Burley, ID at midnight where we spent the night at my Uncle Harley's house (one of my dad's older brothers and also the town where my dad grew up) . At 5:15 am Saturday morning we were on the road again, this time on our way to Missoula, MT.

We arrived about noon in Missoula, had lunch and headed a little ways out of town so we could stop at my Uncle Russ' house (Andrew and I have been married almost 10 years in July and he had yet to meet my dad's youngest brother!). There we visited a bit and also changed our clothes so we could attend one of my cousins weddings about an hour north in Plains, MT. After the wedding was over, we headed further north to Kalispell, MT where we had hotel rooms waiting and could be done driving for the day! We swam and went to dinner and caught up a little on our sleep from the night before! Sunday morning we left Kalispell and headed even further north to Glacier National Park.

They have a road there called the Going To The Sun Road, which doesn't open until mid June we found out because it's buried by 20' snow drifts until then, but we were able to drive about 14 miles into the park before we had to turn around. There is so much water running through the park. We also could see it way up on the mountains just running down the sides of the mountains and into these beautiful waterfalls. Andrew loved that everything was green and that the trees were so thick.

We got these stamps at the Glacier National Park Visitor's Center.
All national parks have stamps that people can stamp on a piece of paper and collect.

From there we drove around the park and up into Canada where our first stop was Waterton Lakes National Park.

Glacier and Waterton are actually the same national park, but Glacier is in Montana and Waterton is in Alberta, Canada. At Waterton they have cute little shops to visit and also the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. One agreed to let us take his picture. They also have this amazing hotel there.

We also saw mountain sheep and deer just roaming around not afraid of people at all.

The backdrop on this picture looks almost fake!

After leaving the park, we saw these amazing windmills. The landscape is so beautiful there.

From the park we drove east to Cardston where we stopped and saw the Cardston, Alberta temple. The town of Cardston is so small, but yet they have this beautiful temple there.

A fun thing about Canada is everything is km instead of miles so 80 km is actually only about 50 mph!
Gas was also different. It was about $0.90 a liter so figure that one out!

On from Cardston we made our way back down into the United States and back into Montana.

In Canada they have 2 official languages so everything is printed in English and in French.

We made it as far as Helena, MT where we again had hotel rooms waiting. It was 11 pm and we were tired! Monday morning we left Helena about 8:30 am and headed home back through Idaho, where we stopped in Spencer, which is the opal capital of America. We bought some tumbled opal that is white in color. It was pretty interesting to check out this small town. Then we headed on into Utah and got home about 8 pm that night. We traveled a little over 2000 miles on this trip (with Andrew driving almost the whole way, which he enjoyed!), but we had a great time and it was fun to spend time with the family.

Here are some pictures of our souvenirs.




Also in Canada we found these chocolate eggs called Kinder Eggs. My brother served his mission in Italy and discovered these eggs there. They are chocolate and inside there is a toy. While on his mission, my brother and his companions tried collecting as many of the toys inside as they could so he was excited to find them in Canada. Apparently they cannot be sold in the United States because you can't have a toy fully encompassed in a food item! We all bought several at different places while in Canada and opened them all together to find the toys inside.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Addicted To Blogging Are You?

54%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I found this fun quiz on a blog I follow and thought others might like to see how addicted they are to blogging! Since starting my blog, I have really gotten into it and enjoyed it. If you don't have a blog, maybe this will inspire you to start one!

Feel free to leave me a comment with your quiz results!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sale

This past Saturday was the second annual Neola yard sale. I participated last year as well and sold a lot of my stuff so I was looking forward to it again this year. The yard sale gets advertised and a bunch of people come to sell stuff and buy stuff at the rodeo grounds in Neola. My parents have done it the last 2 years also and this year my sister-in-law and Andrew's parents and sister participated as well so it was really fun and it was a beautiful weekend for a yard sale. I think in the end I made about $130 so I did pretty well and had a good time while I was at it!

These were my great finds at the yard sale. I got this adorable table for $3 and the shelf for $0.50. I'm going to try and turn the shelf into something rustic and country looking. We'll see! If it works out, I'll post an after picture!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awesome Adoption Video

I found this video on a blog I follow. I was excited to learn the Catholic church is another advocate of adoption, which is so awesome!