Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Whirlwind Weekend

This last weekend Andrew and I went to Layton to attend an adoption class, but before we got to Layton, we stopped in Bountiful to visit some dear friends, Gerald and Michelle Carpenter and their 3 kids. We were neighbors when we both lived in Magna and they were kind enough to write one of our reference letters when we getting our paperwork ready for LDS Family Services. We hadn't seen each other since we moved to Roosevelt almost 3 years ago and they have since moved as well. It was so nice to catch up with each other and I hope it won't be that long before we see them again! They also helped us hook up with other old friends and neighbors such as the Litnak Family!

Our adoption class was taught by a woman who has adopted 6 children and she is amazing let me tell you. I always leave these classes feeling a little overwhelmed, but also very positive. Andrew and I have thought a little about adopting from China and she gave us great information regarding that and other countries and also about adopting here in the US. It was an eye opener for me, but it was needed I think. Unless we are able to adopt through LDS Family Services, which come to find out is probably not so likely as there are 2,000 couples waiting for children through LDSFS and there were only 300 children placed last year, we are looking at a cost of anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000 and that's adopting here in the US or internationally! I guess we'll just need to figure out what our next step will be together.

To wrap up my weekend, on Monday I headed down to Price to visit my sister Heidi and my cute niece Jade! Heidi and I got Coldstone ice cream and went shopping. Jade showed me how she jumped on her "jumpoline" and we also played kitchen. I miss having them close by to see all the time, but I know they are glad to have Sam home from Afghanistan and be back together as a family. Here are some pictures of Jade with her kitchen and eating the potato she "cooked"!


  1. Wow! I had no idea it cost sooooo much! OH my goodness that's so unreal. Why is the cost so high???? I like Jade's kitchen! ♥

  2. Most agencies other than LDSFS seem to charge about $20,000 just for their agency fee and add to that costs for the birth mother and travel...I wish it wasn't so much as well. Thanks for your comments. I enjoy following your blog also!