Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Weekend

My parents invited Andrew and I Friday night to see the Bar J Wranglers. We decided it would be fun to see them perform in Jackson Hole and have the whole experience, but the show was good in Roosevelt too.

Saturday morning our FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) group got together and frosted sugar cookies. It's always fun to socialize with this group!

I did some fun things around my house too. I got this watering can a while back and decided to put some dried roses and eucalyptus in it for a cute decoration. Andrew spoils me a lot so whenever I get roses from him, I dry them and use them for things like this. I have also made 2 big swags that hang on my walls with them!

Also, when I visited my sister in Price last week, I got a cute saying in vinyl lettering to hang above Andrew's dresser. I like the way it turned out. Lately I'm into putting the vinyl lettering just right on the wall.

I hope everyone had a good weekend as well!


  1. You guys should go with Brandon and I to see the BarJ! We are going to Jackson to see them this summer. It is so amazing. We used to go all the time as kids.

  2. I love that saying!! I think I would add to it and say and it is ALWAYS MORE!!! :) Colby and I tease about who loves the other more so I love that!!