Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Hawaiian Vacation-Day 8

A beautiful Hawaiian sunset and Andrew standing in the water enjoying it.

Thursday, March 12

As today was still sunny and beautiful we decided that it was time to snorkel (or at least Andrew would snorkel!) First though we visited the Halona Blowhole. Water comes up through an underwater lava tube and sprays through this hole on the surface. This was a must see for us as on our 5 year anniversary we took a cruise off the coast of California. Among the places we visited...Los Angeles, San Diego, Catalina Island...one stop was Ensenada, Mexico where they have La Bufadora - translation The Blowhole. As I recall there are only 3 in the world...Ensenada, Mexico, Halona, Hawaii and Australia. We've made it to 2 out of 3. Not bad, I'd say!

The surrounding water was so beautiful!

Next we were off to Hanauma Bay where you can do some of the best snorkeling in the world. Andrew saw a large sea turtle and tons of coral and exotic fish. He had a great time while I sunned myself on the beach and relaxed.

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