Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Hawaiian Vacation-Day 7

A few mornings we ate at McDonald's and they give you fresh pineapple with all their meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was yummy! They also have Local Breakfasts that include Spam, eggs, rice and Portuguese sausage, which Andrew enjoyed over and over again!!

Wednesday, March 11

Another beautiful day on the island of Oahu and we were headed for Pearl Harbor. After we arrived, we were taken into a theater where we watched a movie depicting the attack on Pearl Harbor. After that we were escorted out another door and our group boarded a boat to take us over to the memorial above the USS Arizona.

Just inside there were flags from the states of the battleships that sank along with flags from the branches of military involved.

From there you could move in further to see over the sides of the memorial and see the Arizona below. The water is about 40 feet deep so parts of the battleship are sticking up out of the water.

We were told that some parts of the Arizona were salvaged for other battleships that were active, but most of the ship still lies beneath the water. Oil can still be seen leaking from the ship. It has been leaking for 67 years, we were told, and they expect it to leak for many more years to come.

At that point you can move further up in the memorial and see a wall that has all the names of the soldiers that died on Arizona.

As we were leaving the memorial no one says very much. It is a very reverent place. I'm thankful that we had the chance to visit.

The anchor from the USS Arizona

They have a wall of license plates from different states with Pearl Harbor survivors. Here is the Utah plate.

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