Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day started actually on Friday the 13th for us! Andrew had a dozen long-stemmed red roses delivered to me at work. They are so beautiful! Saturday Andrew had to work so I got up and cooked him my traditional Valentine's Day pancakes with pink milk, before he left! This tradition is something my mom always did for us kids growing up (on St. Patrick's Day we got green pancakes with green milk!). When I first started making them for Andrew he wasn't so sure about the color, but it's just food coloring, the taste is still the same as always! It's a great tradition Mom!

You can't quite tell the pancakes are pink after they are cooked because they brown, but inside they are!

We exchanged cards also before he left for work and I gave Andrew some "hugs" as well. They are his favorite because he loves white chocolate!

Stay tuned because I'll add my Valentine's night post after it happens! I have a surprise planned! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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