Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Roosevelt Fall Festival

The Roosevelt Business Alliance (RBA) that Andrew is a part of through Utah Power Credit Union held a fall festival this year in Roosevelt. Kids could come dressed up and they entered pumpkins they had designed in the pumpkin carving contest. Then the people that came to the festival could vote on which pumpkin they liked the best. Andrew had UPCU sponsor the people's choice award for the contest. There was also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in each age group and they asked Andrew and I to judge the contest! It was hard because I wanted everyone to be able to get something. We did have to choose our winners, but everyone did get a participation prize so that was nice. :) UPCU also provided orange glow sticks to everyone that was there. It was a fun afternoon!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Camping

This year, we decided we wanted to camp at Mill Hollow Reservoir again over Labor Day weekend. We talked about it all summer and Andrew's parents, his sister Alicia and her boyfriend Kurt and my parents all joined in! It was so fun!

*Side Note...I used to hate camping! But it seems getting up into the cooler temperatures and away from cell phone reception is something I love so camping is definitely something I'm coming around too again. ;)

We took the Friday before Labor Day off from work so we headed up into the mountains early Friday morning and got to the campground around 10:45 am. We got set up and then it was time to relax! We didn't have the same camp site this year because it had already been taken by Thursday morning when my parents got up there, but the one we got this year may have been even better. The view couldn't be beat and it was the only one with a view of the water! We visited, took a drive around to see the other camp sites in the campground, visited some more and then Andrew went down to the water to start fishing! It was really good fishing Friday evening and he caught quite a few. :)

Friday night, Andrew's parents cooked an amazing dinner for everyone including chocolate cobbler for dessert! The rest of us contributed salads and things too so it was wonderful. :)
Early Saturday morning, Andrew and Kurt fished and then we all pitched in and cooked breakfast together and that was fun! Unfortunately, Andrew's parents had to leave after that, but we were glad they had come for as long as they could. :) After breakfast, it was more fishing for Andrew and I read some books that I got for my birthday that I had been dying to read. About noon, we loaded up in the car with my parents to head to Kamas. We had planned to have lunch in town at this pizza place that Andrew had been wanting to try and then Andrew and I wanted to take my parents on a drive to see Slate Gorge, Provo River Falls and Mirror Lake. They had never been so it was fun to show it to them.

It was nice having that time with my parents and it was a nice drive. Saturday night, it was more fishing and then taco salad for dinner with everyone pitching in again. Then Alicia and Kurt left when it got dark.
Sunday morning, we had a combined breakfast with my parents. Then we spent the rest of the morning playing games in my parent's camper. After lunch, we broke down camp and boy was it hot! Probably the hottest it had been the whole weekend! About mid-afternoon, we were all on our way home. That way we were able to enjoy Labor Day at home taking it easy. :) Such a fun weekend though! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

A few weeks before the eclipse, Utah Power Credit Union bought all of their employees eclipse glasses so they could view it from wherever they were. When Andrew showed me his, I thought it was a great idea so I approached my boss about buying eclipse glasses for my office and she agreed that it was a great idea. :)

The day of the eclipse, we had a little eclipse party at my office and a lot of my coworkers came with their families. We had treats and it was a fun time! We were about 91% totality here. Some street lights came on and it did get noticeably darker and cooler. It was a neat experience!

Eclipse Cookies!

Love this guy of mine!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Freezer Corn

It's August and corn on the cob is officially in season! Last Saturday, we bought 3 dozen ears and turned it into freezer corn! Now we'll have fresh-tasting corn until next August. :)

*The instructions we followed are posted on my cooking blog.